Mom’s story

A moment before transfered to OT, i saw my mom cry, so i hug her n said ” dont cry mom, dont be affraid.. we r all here, just pray that everything will go smoothly ” . That time, she was just smile to me while wipe away her tears ..

A day after the operation done, while we sit together, she hold my hand n said ” my daughter, the time when u saw me cry, it was not due to affraid from the operation, i was thinking of my sins that i may not known. Dear daughter .. in which every calamities, trials, diseases or in any small things that happen in our life, just think of our sins .. coz sometimes those trials are one of the way of allah try to teach n speak to learn us something, to increase our degree in front of Him, to add more rewards if we r accept those trials with ikhlas, n to delete sins ”

Rsud cengkareng
As i post thru whats app to all of my contacts in whats app


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