Learn from the young and the old person

it was maghrib time when we reached near home before finally we decided to stopped for a while in the market to buy some snacks and bread for my ‘back up’ meal in night 😛 ( coz during this pegnancy, it is very easy for me to feel hungry eventhough i had already eaten). after finished, my husband looked toward to the cake vendor that is located right next to the mini market. an old woman (near about 50+ yo age), was standing next to the cake place that we’ll buy. i came to her and  she welcome me with her sincere smile ..

” do u want to buy cakes?’ she asked, i nod my head n responded to her smile while asked

” are u the seller?’ ( i was predicting that she is not the one who sell those cakes, coz she has her own merchandise place , which is fried chicken ), she smile and answered

” yes, u r right. the owner is praying in masjid now. but its okey, we are helping each other’

so i choose some cakes that we like. its obvious that she s not the owner coz she didnt know exactly where to find the plastics for the cakes :-), at the same time when the old woman still searching the plastic, a young boy came and helped her give the plastic, while saying ” its okey i can handle from here now, u may go pray and i will look after your things”

the old woman then go to take her praying dress (mukenah) and come to him again, ” are there still people pray jamaah inside masjid?, the young boy answered ” dont worry, in this time.. there will be more people come to masjid and pray jamaah there.” , ‘alhamdulillah’ she replied.

when she just stepped forward, the boy was calling her and said ‘ dont forget for our routine             recitation (pengajian) after isya, it wil be like ussual. you will go first for 15 minutes and i wil go after u come, okey mam’, that old woman smile while nodding his head and answered ”of course, in sha allah”

QUOTE : ” when there are many of us forget how beautiful, delicious and multiply rewards of jamaah prayers, some of them would have thought that they will  take their best effort for the opportunity to hunt there to approach on HIM’

couple of days ago

a night when we get again more lesson and hikmah in life

May, 2013

Robbana dholamna anfusana wailam tagfirlana watarhamana lana kunnana minal khosirin

Robbi inni audzubika an as alaka maa laisalli bihi ilmun wa illam tagfirli watarhamni akum minal khosirin “ (surat Hud; 47)

Robbana taqobal minna innaka anta sami’ul alim wa tub alaina innaka antat tawwaburrokhim “ (al baqarah; 128-129)

Robbi ja alni muqimas sholati wa min dzuriyyati, robbana wa taqobal doa, Robbannagh firli wa li wa li dayya wa li jamiil mukminina yauma yaqumul hisab “ (ibrahim ; 40 -41)

O ALLAH make me and my grandchildren the children – those who establish regular prayer, O my Lord please accept my prayer, O my Lord Forgive me and both my father and mother all the believers, on the day of judgement, aamiin allohumma aamiin


the silence of believers

Inna sukuuta al-aqwiyaa laisa dha’fun. Innamaa huwa furshatun lid-dhu’afaa an yatakallamuu qabla an yasmuthuu lil-abad


(Diamnya orang-orang yang kuat, bukan mencerminkan kelemahan. Namun ia memberikan kesempatan kepada orang-orang lemah untuk puas hati berbicara, sebelum mereka dibungkam dan diam selamanya)

the Silence of strong people , is not reflecting their weakness. Yet he gave a chance for the weak hearts speak to feel compacency, before they were silenced and silent forever)