Noah did not know yet that the flood will spill
when he lay a submarine in the mountain, and be ridiculed
Ibrahim would not know that sheep is available
when the knife almost cut his son’s neck

Moses did not know that the ocean will split
when he ruled banged the stick in to it
at Badr Prophet Muhammad prayed, sobs shook his shoulder

“If these forces lose, you’ll never again be worshiped!”

and by that we learn, how great is the faith …(Ustadz Salim A Fillah) ..

beautiful, really very, very beautiful: ‘(


We learn that in life, the choices are not always easy. While we must still choose.

We also learned that ‘kills’ new seeds germinate damage when he was a wise choice. Him, a prioritized action to prevent harm that might happen next

we also learn to sincere. do Not always connect to the good deeds that we do, with all momentarily nature desires/wishes 

and most importantly, we learn from them that which they know is .. That GOD always be with them in every step ..


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