my dear son ..

do you know that there are so many good deeds you can do, when you decide to buy all needs in the traditional market rather than in the super high class mall?

do you know that there are so many good action you can do, when you choose to just use public transportation rather than a fancy car?

do you know that so many lessons you can take when you decide to walk on the street, watch and observe how people get bussy, giving their best effort to survive in this life?

on the street, you can witnesses how mothers walk under the sun, searching what they can find in a garbage place.. in order to get some money for their childrens food and needs

on the street, you can witnesses how an old man with his weak and slow walk, bringing so many heavy things to sell, trying to survive without begging others for his life.

on the street, you can witnesses how a small boy handily coming in and out from public transportation in order to peddle his goods. and it is never be a slight one. in the small box he carry, you can see how many items inside it, and its sure heavy.

on the street, while waiting for your public transportation come.. you can give a moment from your time to sit with those small people, talk to them, observe them and learn much from them.

learn about how you have to be gratefull for the life that ALLAH has give to us, for all easiness in life

learn how we can not be satisfied just to sit inside our comfortable zone and forgetting that there still so many people outside who needs help

learn from their spirit to always keep struggle in life, never rely and depend on human compassion that ussualy will turned us to be lazy

learn from their sincere heart, though they are all live in poverty, difficulty and deficit … but, they never neglect others. it will be suprising when i say that we can learn more about the meaning of sharing from them rather from those who have more.

my dear son …

minggle to all without depriving your actual identity

when you keep living with your head down, you will live in peacefull life without envy

lift your head up for a moment, coz by that you still can reach all your dreams

2 weeks to ramadhan 🙂 alhamdulillah

note dedicatedto my dearest son Adrian

we love you so much sayang :*



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