In Egypt, there are efforts to enforce Islamand every character will definitely be arrested and killed.

Hasan al-Banna, was shot dead in a murder operation.

Sayyid Qutb, hanged for because they oppose government wrongdoers at the time.

And Mohammed Morsi, coup d’etatand is now a prisoner by the military. May ALLAH protect fighters in Egypt and showed his plots treason beyond the enemies of ALLAH!

Arise O Egypt, such as when we face drought and famine in the periode of Caliph Umar, you are the generaous barns earth

Arise O Egypt, which is always present in our prayersArise, for the Prophet said that you had engraved lineage of relationships.

Arise O Egypt, for even the slaves that you make them as a king, Quthuz can destroy colonialism of mongol, Baybars can pull apart the Crusaders

Arise, O Egypt, like ‘Amr ibn Al’ Ash beat Arthabun, ash-Shafi’i moved you, and Salahuddin Al Ayyubi start role from you.

Arise, O Egypt, as you become witness Fathul written Bary Ibn Hajar, Al ‘written Itqan As Suyuti, and Al-Azhar became lighthouse of science.

Arise, O Egypt, as God you deposited the Ikhwan Al Banna & jama’ah tested in iron and fire, freeze and burn, brackets & kill.

O ALLAH, we put our trust on YOU for Egypt, keep them from all the bad and from the foul of intentions treason, bestowed there much justice and virtue.. aamiin allohumma aamiin

(usatdz salim a fillah)
a prayer for Mesir in the cloudly morning


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