after long time i did not start again to write a simple note . i guess laziness is my big main problem, always i get a good reason to escape from this writing activity .. anyhow, after sometimes ( i think almost one month), i feel now i am in mood to write a note ^_^ , a simple note , a note that is just happen now and it surely give me a lesson 🙂


after umrah trip, about 2 days back, i got sick. maybe its happened due to tired and lack of sleeping. coz during umrah time, i was not able to sleep .. if i’l try to count, i might sleep only for couple of hours in 8 days . so .. i’v got a very bad URTI with a severe common cold and fever, i lose my precious voice 😀 but alhamdulillah i am still ok though i feel a little of weak .


due to that weakness, so in this 2 days back (my off day) i was taking a proper rest so i can get fit again today, insha allah. by that time, i spent more time to sleep, i even forget to eat (coz there s nothing also to eat :D), due to no water in our hostel, so i am lazy to cook .. no cook it means no food, no food it means nothing to eat 😀 , so u know what? alhamdulillah still i have dates and zam zam water to fullfill my needs for that 2 days 🙂 .. masha allah, sometimes i am thinking also, how can that small dates can make my stomach feel full with no hunger at all ? 


well … anyhow lets us continue our story:-)


alhamdulillah, i get better now ..thanks to ALLAH , and im planning to start my fasting today.


i woke up araound 2 am,i was planning after i pray , i’l start to cook for my sahoor coz in isya time i notice there s already water. but then .. when i start to bring out all my row food in the kitchen, suddenly opened faucet to take wudhu .. but wallahe there s no even a drop of water inside it @_@ hhhhh .. alhamdulillah, i still keep a bucket of clean water for wudhu, so i was thinking insha allah after pray, the water will come .. so i prayed


araound 3.15 am 

i finished prayed, again i rechecked water, Oh MY GOD ! still there s no water ?!

my stomach already screaming n demanding for food, after 2 days i didnt eat at all 😦

then i said, oke … lets us read Quran first, and after that we’l see again..if its my rizqi insha allah the water will come

but during the recitation, i cant be focus.. why? coz IM HUNGRY @_@

but what else can i do? even to make noodles, we need to wash first our cooking set


3.30 am 

i said to my self ” oke, u decide to fast or not at 4 am .. if u feel u’l become more hungry and u can not effort to hold it, u can delay ur plan to fast .. ALLAH is mercyfull, there s no compulsion for u to do fast today, u can do it tomorrow, insha allah u’l be prepare more for everything” 


so i continue reading Qur’an ..


3.50 am ..

my heart was confused to decide, i really want to start my fast but also i am affraid it’l not be oke for my body and if like that, it means i am not concern about my body right .. 


4 am ..

bismillahirrohmanirrohiim .. i intend to do fast, insha allah. may allah give me strenght to do it


continue reading Qur’an while waiting fajr prayer


suddenly … somebody knocked my door

she : ‘ del .. are u awake ?’

me  : ‘ yes, alhamdulillah .. anything ?’

she : ‘ i have some food, come let us eat together’

me  : ‘ masha allah, jazakallahu khair 🙂


so we ate together, and alhamdulillah i was able to do sahoor before fajr adzan come, and alhamdulillah my stomach now is oke, no more screaming inside 😀 



so keep remember this ayat :


وَمَا مِن دَابَّةٍ فِي الْأَرْضِ إِلَّا عَلَى اللَّهِ رِزْقُهَا

“……dan tiada satu pun makhluk bergerak di bumi melainkan dijamin Allah rezekinya” (Surah Hud, ayat 6).


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